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Beyond School

If you're thinking about leaving school and have started wondering what you want to do, then this is the section for you to check out.


Whether you have started a new job, are thinking about moving out, or just want to know how to take care of your money better, make sure you check out this section for some handy hints.


Moving out of home is a big step. Make sure you are prepared for the reality of living with people you don't know, paying bills and dealing with landlords!

Your Future

Trying to decide what you want to do after high school can be tough. This section gives you some tips on career choices, job hunting, further education and what to do in job interviews.

Student Life

If you are a student or thinking about going on to further studies, make sure you check out this section for information on student loans, allowances, exam prep, and discounts.

Life Changes

Throughout our lives there will be stuff we go through that will be difficult or stressful. Check out this section for information on life changes such as moving cities, and sitting your drivers licence.