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Work and Income New Zealand - Student Allowance

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Student Allowance:

This is for people who are studying in an approved full time course.Your parents income is also taken into account and needs to be under the levels below to qualify for student allowance if you are under 25:

$75,269.48 before tax if you live away from home to study or
$69,081.48 before tax if you live at home (as of the 01/01/2008)

The rates vary slightly if your parents support other students or live apart from each other. Usually both parents income is tested even if your parents are separated or don’t live in NZ. To be assessed on one parent’s income you need to be able to prove that you are completely independent from the other parent if they are still alive, or the other parent is in prison or a psychiatric hospital.


There is also an independent circumstances student allowance where your parent’s income is not tested if you can show:

Family breakdown where they cannot support you

You have been (or are) a ward of the state or court, or are an orphan, and haven't lived with someone acting as a parent for at least 2 years

If you are over 25 then your parents income is not assessed, however if you have a partner their income may affect your student allowance.

When you get a student allowance you automatically qualify for an accommodation benefit if you live away from home. The rates vary depending on what area you live in.